The boxes are to be used INTENTIONALLY.  Taking a bath with God is one the purest state of intent as you are sharing yourself how he truly made you (naked in your body) and in the purest state of matter (water). When choosing a box for a bath you are INTENDING on the what the box represents. 

Share with God, either out loud or in your mind your thoughts of gratitude. Think of those in your life that you know LOVES YOU! those you KNOW care for your well being and be grateful for them. Include any and everybody from the post man to the checker at the store show gratitude for those God has given you! Then use the Rose quartz soap to scrub yourself all over, while being intentional with presenting a fresh clean scrubbed vessel to God. Be grateful for you body especially if its in decent health. Rinse clean, get out and moisturize up in your favorite moisturizer. Or use the one that comes in the box.

PART 2- This is the best part where you get to tell God specifically what you want when it comes to love! THIS IS WHAT BATHING IN CRYSTAL WATER DOES! HELPS YOU GOT TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!

Rose Quartz increases your sensitivity and empathy. It helps with sexual difficulties, it  clearly illuminates personal needs and the the desires of others, harmonizing the heartbeat and promotes strengthening of sexual organs and fertility. PINK TOURMALINE- increases and influx of love and a passion for life.

ASHLEY's Breakdown:

This is a LOVE STONE! It helps in all areas of healing when love involved? Looking for love? Attracting the wrong type of love? Desiring the wrong type of love? Recovering from love? Lonely? Show too much love? Don't show enough love? Do you know how to receive love? Say no to the wrong love? Do you not have a passion for living? 

Be honest with yourself in answering and then ask yourself WHY behind every question until you find answer. ALL ANSWERS END WITH YOU BEING THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY!

If you cant seem to find a credible answer then ASK GOD TO HEAL YOU FROM THAT! Write it all out as if you are directly talking to him. Leave out nothing. Then go outside and responsibly burn the letter. Then TRUST GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF IT.

Soon you will be presented with tests to see if you TRULY want the things you ask for in the letter. HOW YOU RESPOND TO THESE TESTS WILL RESULT IN WHETHER OR NOT YOU RECEIVE THEM.

Share with God in this bath all you are grateful for in terms to the money that you have received. Even if its a small amount be grateful for it! If you are broke  trust your time to talk about it is coming but for now be grateful for WHATEVER way you are able to pay bills. Use your products in the bath.

Green Aventurine: helps with easy goingness, nervousness, stress and sleep disorders, helps free from anxiety and sleep disorders. 

Ashley's Breakdown:

Say you have a job opportunity coming up and you are usually a nervous wreck, you stress about it because its a true need. But you nervousness will show and hinder you from getting the job.Keeping green aventurine on you during the interview will help you or taking the crystal bath before enhances it!

This box comes with Pyrite- promotes self recognition, exposes secrets and suppressed memories. Makes open direct and honest, reveals the cause of certain circumstances and illnesses.

Ashley's Breakdown:

Let's face it! You can't have true abundance if you are not open, direct and honest about your intentions with money, if you are harboring secrets about money and/or suppressing memories of financial situations you have been in. FIRST AT LEAST ADMIT TO THESE! TRUE HEALING STARTS WITH ADMITTING!  

Amethyst is a crown stone! It enhances alertness, impartiality, inner peace, helps overcome pain grief and losses, promotes awareness, sense of judgement constructive thinking, and acting! IT IS PROBABLY THE MOST READILY AVAILABLE STONE THERE IS! IT IS ONE I FEEL EVERY HUMAN SHOULD HAVE WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES. WHY?

Do you feel alert? Are you aware of what is going on in your life? Are you partial to things you shouldn't be? What is your sense of awareness of yourself, do you check your emotions often? Do you find yourself not being able to control your emotions? Are you sad, depressed, lonely, worried, anxious, nervous, angry, resentful, shame of ANYTHING you have ever done that you haven't talked about? Do you have a constructive way of thinking, do you think of things or ideas that are for you HIGHEST GOOD? Things that benefit your life? or do you think of negative things and have a victim mentality? BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! Thats how you heal!

Now have an Amethyst Bath... Use any product all are infused with the energy of the Amethyst.... Thank God for the things you ARE AWARE OF! Thank God for what he has allowed to come your way even though you probably don't deserve it! He wants to know if you are THANKFUL! 

PART 2- Write the things you want to change about you perception of life to fit God's plan for you. Tell him you want him to cover you and take control of you because you clearly don't know what you are doing! IF YOU ARE HONEST WITH YOURSELF THEN THIS PART IS EASY!

Then watch the things God turn around for you!

Angel Aura is MY favorite stone! It is a clear quartz bonded with platinum and silver which gives it, its iridescent rainbow colors! Clear Quartz is a master stone, an amplifier that increases the energy of other stones. It is a crown chakra stone and helps to stimulate the crown chakra.

This is one I would combine with the Amethyst to make it an even more INTENTIONAL bath! 

This is a general breakdown of how I do my baths. But remember this is YOUR TIME with God. You do it however you would want someone to do it for you! Don't be SELFISH! Go all out for GOD! Don't he go all out for you?

Hope this helps! Follow Us on @blissfullybathe to see how we bathe! Everyone in our house do these baths because it keeps us in a great mental space and able to see the path God has for us by helping to control our emotions. 

...using the Abundance box

Blissfully Bathe

...using the Angel Aura Box

...using the Amethyst Box

Here is a break down of how we use the boxes:

...using the passion and Love box

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