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we are pleased to announce we are hosting our annual 10 minute black friday presale event. during this sale you will have 10 full minutes to purchase up to a maximum of 4 of any Product you want. This sale will be held on September 24th at 1 pm Cst. DUE to the amount of products we estimate will be sold you should not expect shipment of your product until black FRiday. we hand make all of our products from scratch therefore needing the time it would take to make this large amount of products. we only ask that you be patient while we craft your products perfectly to have them shipped to you. any inquiry about shipment will have the same answer. black friday. we also ask that you not purchase more than up to 4 of any product. and we ask that you make only one purchase as you have plenty of time to get everything you need in one order. this is the last sale of the year so this is the time to stock up. By clicking agree you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions of the 10 minute black friday presale event and agree to abide by them in order to shop. 

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